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Robert's Presentation
Watch a portion of Robert's Presentation to over 400 people including a dozen elected officials and more than 100 children.

Chasing the American Dream
Robert Renteria knows what it takes to battle adversity and achieve lifelong dreams. His straightforward and candid message sends hope to his audiences: Discover that challenge can mean opportunity. Positive change can happen with positive choices. From our teens on the right path to our at-risk youth; from their parents to community members; from teachers to school administrators; for all who want to make a difference in the world around them, his reach is boundless.

“Everyone has the right to chase the American Dream!”
Robert Renteria


“Thanks to Robert. He went through hard times and now he is a role model for us.”

—Senor Maravilla, Aurora Youth Center

“There is a special quote that Robert’s mom always told him. That you can achieve anything if you have un Corazon.  That really caught my attention because I’m always striving forward and trying to do my best. He shows me how I can achieve anything.

—Gilberto Chaidez, Boys to Men Fraternity

“Thank you for what you are doing for these children and for me. You’re an inspiration to all of us.”

—Vanessa Saenz, Student, Columbia College

“Thanks for your speech. I’m inspired by your story. It reminds me of my Dad who crossed the border to America to help out his family. He wanted to become something grater and for his kids to be great.”

—Louis Solario, Aurora Christian High School


“It’s inspiring to see where [Robert] came from and what we can do as minorities. He’s given us real inspiration to take those opportunities.”

—Steve, Aurora Christian High School

“On behalf of myself and the staff and the principle, thank you for the inspiration you have given.”

—School teacher, Gates Elementary

“The impact you had on the people in this room is just amazing. You’re going to impact so many people you come across.”

—Veronica Valovinos


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