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“From the Barrio to the Board Room is an inspiring tale, bringing the quintessentially American story of triumph over economic and social adversity to a new generation.”

—U.S. Congressman Bill Foster

"From the Barrio to the Board Room is a genuinely inspirational book which I wish all Latinos could read (and many whites and African Americans would do well reading it too). In some ways it reminds me of Booker T. Washington's classic Up From Slavery and John H. Johnson's Succeeding Against the Odds."
—Professor Russ Nieli, Princeton University

“The beautiful thing about art (and this book is art because it came from the heart) is that even while you sleep, it changes people’s lives. Robert has left another mark on the world that no one can take away. Now we just have to reach as many people as possible, so we can let them know that it’s never too late to make a difference in their lives — whether you’re a young Latino, like Robert, or a middle-aged person who just feels like he hasn’t accomplished much. Robert’s message is universal, and it will endure.”

—Ken Kamien
Police Officer, City of Chicago Police Department

“For me, it is not even a book anymore…it’s a key! Through those pages, minds, possibilities, and opportunities are being opened at rates unimaginable!”

—Clayton Muhammad,
Founder, Boys II Men mentoring Program

“This is a story of triumph over our worst demons, over our own failings and, above all, over what life hands us. In a way that only a great book can describe, Robert Renteria tells us he was not going to accept what was handed to him, not now, not ever. By making good on his dreams and then sharing his success with us, Barrio is ultimately the story of a Latino kid from the ghetto giving back to his community for generations to come. Inspirational, thoughtful, and very real, this book is what makes all people everywhere admire the tenacity of the human spirit.”

—Robert S. Enriquez
President, The Aurora Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

“I had the opportunity to meet, talk, and become friends with Robert Renteria before I read his book. You would never know unless you read the book of the many challenges Robert has overcome to become the success he is. He is unbelievably kind, generous, enthusiastic, and mild mannered. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to be inspired. It can motivate anyone of any age, ethnicity, color or gender, to go earn what you want in life. I hope that Robert's next book gives us the steps to achieve some of his success.”

—Rey Cruz
Former President, Aurora Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

“How can such a small book and easy read have such an impact on people? I believe it’s because Robert wrote the book from his heart expecting it to be just that, an easy read. When you read From the Barrio to the Boardroom it touches you because in the end you feel you know Robert, his struggles, barriers and accomplishments. It’s what every human being goes through in their lives; not at the same level, but we all can relate to our own ups and downs in life and we can be motivated to take charge of our own destiny as Robert has done. This book is for everyone who wants to be touched in some way by the mere fact that we exist in a world that can be a better place if we reach out to bring others up.“

—Zaida Rodriguez
Former President, Aurora Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

"While Robert's candid account of his life experiences exposes some of his darkest moments, he explains how he used them as a springboard to propel himself into eventual success. The true message is found in his determination to succeed. His attempt to touch the lives of our youth by sharing this inspirational story has 'hit-the-mark.'"

—Vince Ricotta,
Sales professional, Buffalo, NY

“What an inspirational story! It doesn’t matter if you’re Hispanic, African American, white, poor, young or old. This book shows what really hard work and perseverance can do. Some people need that second chance to make the right choices. We have to get this message out to kids and adults heading down the wrong path, to break through those barriers that stereotypes have created. Thank you, Robert, for reaching out and helping others by sharing your story and your talents to change the lives of others.”

—Michelle Whetstone,
Community Volunteer, Aurora, IL

From the Barrio to the Board Room was an inspirational book because the man behind the book is not fiction nor a fairytale but someone speaking from personal experiences hoping to inspire and/or touch another individual to dare them to be themselves because no one can do that better than that person them self. I am a motivated person but I have become a huge procrastinator; this book gave me a push to realize the importance of obtaining my college education. This book expresses the fact that even though you might grow up poor, fatherless, homeless, whatever the scenario may be, only you can change it! With willpower and perseverance you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. Robert did not lead a perfect life, nor will it ever be perfect, but he chose his path and didn’t let his childhood pressures stray him from his life goal.”

—Emma Rivera
Santa Ana, Calif

Testimonials from the barrio book launch event:

“The lesson that I got from the book was that if you work very hard, as he did, almost constantly, year after year, and if you serve others and put others above yourself as he did…when you realize that your life is not centered on you, but is centered on others, then you begin to be a success.

—Aurora Mayor Thomas Weisner

“Robert doesn’t just say, ‘use your platform, use your voice to help others.’ He actually does it. Robert is a man of his word. Robert…thank you for everything you have done so far and for everything you will continue to do for the community.”

—Ryan Dowd
Director, Hesed House

I was so enthralled by the story of this man who chose to continue on in spite of the odds—in spite of the stereotypes, in spite of the obstacles—and keep on keeping on, that I took the book to a number of young people that I work with…not just in the school district, but through my Boys to Men fraternity and they devoured it just the same. When I see this book…for each and every one of us in this room, it is a story of our young people. Our friend Oprah Winfrey says it like this: “Tell your story so that we all can be healed.” And through this story that Robert has told, some healing has begun to take place in this city and throughout this country. This story is the story of an American Dream. This story is the story of the human dream. In spite of race and in spite of gender, this is a story that each and every one of us can connect to. Each and every young person that called me after reading this said the same thing: ‘I saw myself in that.’”

—Clayton Muhammad
Aurora East School District,
Founder of Boys to Men Fraternity

“The book is truly an inspiration to all of our children. They need to see good role models and this is just the ticket for that.”

—Ismael Rodriguez Espiriqueta
Director of Aurora Township Youth services Department

“It was a phenomenal book.”

—Alexander Perez
Boys to Men Fraternity

“[The book] made me feel that anything is possible. That if you put your mind to it anything is possible.”

—Joe Marmendoza
Boys to Men Fraternity

“There is a special quote that Robert’s mom always told him. That you can achieve anything if you have un Corazon. That really caught my attention because I’m always striving forward and trying to do my best. He shows me how I can achieve anything.

—Gilberto Chaidez
Boys to Men Fraternity

“This book is an inspiration for any generation. Every race can relate to it one way or another. Great book.”

—Rene Selgado
Boys to Men Fraternity

“I am inspired by Robert’s efforts. Not just his personal testimony, but also his involvement with the Hispanic community and giving back. “

—Victor Lopez
Aurora Artist

“Thanks to Robert. He went through hard times and now he is a role model for us.”

—Senor Maravilla
Aurora Youth Center

“Thank you for what you are doing for these children and for me. You’re an inspiration to all of us.”

—Vanessa Saenz
Student, Columbia College

“You’re an inspiration to all of the people here, young and old, to come back and give to the community. To stand up and speak out and to be a vision of what it is to be a successful Latino.”

—Alexis Cervantes

“Thanks for your speech. I’m inspired by your story. It reminds me of my Dad who crossed the border to America to help out his family. He wanted to become something grater and for his kids to be great.”

—Louis Solario
Aurora Christian High School

“I can’t wait for the book to come to our school. Thanks for what you’ve done.”

Aurora Christian High School

“It’s inspiring to see where [Robert] came from and what we can do as minorities. He’s given us real inspiration to take those opportunities.”

Aurora Christian High School

“You’re book is inspiring. I work with children. I work with teachers. Believe me—this book is going to be in everyone’s hands.”

Aurora School District

“This was such a great experience . The book is amazing. I have no words to describe the feelings. Robert has said so many things that inspired me. I identify with this book. I have lived through some of the things he describes in this book. I was moved by what the students had to say after reading the book. And really it has changed my life. Thank you Robert Renteria for this book.”

—Christian Gutierrez
Aurora, IL

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